A strong resume is the star of your job search toolkit.

Like many job seekers facing today’s competitive job market, you’re thinking about hiring a professional resume writer to help you create your resume.

And it’s clear why.

Your resume must be flawless—strategically focused, visually appealing, and absolutely error-free—if it’s going to make it to the top of the stack and land you that all-important interview.

A dynamite resume helps you transition to a new career, effectively re-enter the workforce after a hiatus, or successfully start out with little or no related work experience. But did you know that a well-crafted resume also helps in other ways? Ask yourself if your current resume is helping you:

  • Land more interviews
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Elevate your earnings
  • Better understand your own strengths
  • Boost your confidence

Curious about how your resume measures up? Email it to me and I’ll provide a FREE CRITIQUE, packed with feedback.

“Out of 467 applicants, the company is interviewing only 10 people – and I’m one of them. Thanks for doing such a fantastic job on my resume and cover letter!”

Robert H.
Sales Representative
Asheville, NC

“I start next Monday! Thanks again for all your help!” There’s nothing more gratifying than an excited phone call from a client with great news. Simply put, I enjoy helping people land the jobs they’re after. And I can help you, too. With the average ratio of job applicants to open positions at 12 to 1, today’s recruiters can afford to be selective. 

I know a number of hiring managers and recruiters and they tell me they’ve got so many resumes to plow through, they’re just looking for a reason to toss yours into the trash. My job is to make your resume so irresistible that it makes the cut.

Take a look at these sample resumes…

Sample Resumes

Don’t Make These Resume Mistakes

Pay one of the big Internet job boards for their resume writing services and chances are you’ll end up with:

  • A cookie-cutter resume indistinguishable from thousands of others
  • Templated formatting (and even wording!) that recruiters and hiring managers recognize outright
  • A resume that undersells the unique experience and skills you bring to a job
  • Content that’s too general and that doesn’t target a specific job description
  • A forgettable resume that quickly ends up on the bottom of the stack

Go it alone and you risk a resume chock-full of mistakes like these:

  • Vague and generalized content
  • Poorly specified job description
  • Irrelevant or overly-detailed particulars of previous job responsibilities
  • Weak descriptions of or too few successes and achievements
  • Inflated or exaggerated facts and figures
  • Presentation and format that is distractingly creative
  • Misplaced or poorly chosen attention-getting devices

Instead, invest a bit more and work with a qualified resume writer. The difference is dramatic! Email me today to get started or call me at 919.589.3154.

“In changing times – with acquisitions, job lay offs, and so much uncertainty in the work force – people are being forced to look outside of their skill set for jobs. Mir Haynes was instrumental in helping me land a job completely out of my realm of experience. Through communication and probing questions, Mir was able to get to the root of my attributes and effectively summarize my experience. My resume helped me get the initial interview which ultimately led to a job offer.”

Donna B.
Key Account Director
Chapel Hill, NC

“I’ve always felt I was able to create my own resume fairly easily, but wasn’t so confident in gearing it specifically to a certain job. Mir helped by providing direction, defining where my skills and experience should point. Not only did I end up with a better resume, but I had more confidence when submitting it to potential employers.”

Jeremy H.
Systems Administrator
Durham, NC

Free Gift for All My Resume Clients

Once your resume is done, you may be asking yourself, “Now what? I’ve written a 50+ page eBook to answer that question. Resume to Payday: Online Secrets to Find and Land Your Dream Job walks you through the process of promoting yourself, marketing your resume, and making real-life connections using today’s most current and cutting-edge online tools and technologies.

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Cover Letter Help

“What about the cover letter?” you ask.

Great question. I can write your cover letters as well. Yes, I said “letters.” I think that each job for which you are applying deserves its own tailored letter. Why? In order for your cover letter to be attention-grabbing and effective, it needs to address the specifics of the available job while making the case that you are the right person to fill that job opening.

Cover Letter

When you email me or call 919.589.3154, we can discuss how many cover letter variations you’re going to need for the various jobs you’re planning to apply for. And, of course, you’ll have editable versions of your cover letters so that you can make future tweaks on your own. Ready to get started?